Return to Campus


We’re excited to have you back to in-person learning at Stadium! For this to be successful, please review all of the details below and retrieve the room numbers for all of your teachers in HAC.

Entrance Map

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Stadium Entrance Map

Bus Pick Up - Bowl

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Bus Loading - Bowl Side

Bus Pick Up - Stadium Way

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Bus Loading - Apartment Side


The district’s bus stops and times are now updated! Please find bus stop and schedule information on the district’s bus stop lookup.

Bus Stop Lookup
(full webpage)


Drop Off/Pick Up at Stadium

If you are driving your student to Stadium, you must use the roundabout at the end of 2nd Street at the flagpole. Stadium Way is for buses only. We have at least 17 buses arriving and departing from Stadium each day and for everyone’s safety, the bus zone is reserved for their use only. Also, parking spaces on campus are reserved for staff and paid student use. Parking spaces at neighboring apartments are not available for us to use. Please be respectful of those who pay for their parking spaces.

On Time Arrival

It is important to arrive to campus on time for each class. We are keeping all exterior doors locked because each person must be screened upon entry. We will begin screening at 10:45 AM and close the doors at 11:05 AM. If you have a partial schedule at Stadium, please report to the main entrance when you arrive. Students may only be on campus on their scheduled day during their scheduled classes.

Morning Preparation

Arrival to School and Assigned Entrances

Building Entrance and Screening

Classroom Procedures

Building Familiarity

Restroom Procedures

Water Fountain Procedures

Departing Campus and Video Credits

Bell Schedule (opens as PDF)