Metro Parks Tacoma Coach & Sports Management Internship

Metro Parks Tacoma is offering Tacoma High School students the opportunity to coach at the youth level.


  • Coaching at least two nights a week, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, or all days, with games being played on Saturdays.
    • Ages 16 years and up can be Head Coaches for teams
    • Ages 15 years old will be paired with a Head Coach to be an assistant
  • Point of contact between Metro Parks Tacoma and athletes’ families.
  • Creating an inviting and exciting environment for young athletes to be themselves.

Our Elementary Sports Coaching Internships provide Tacoma High School students with valuable responsibilities and experience in the sports world, while allowing students ages 15 years and up to earn $500 for their efforts. This is a great way to get involved in the community and to get your name known at a young age!

The ideal candidate for this internship opportunity is self-motivated, outgoing, organized, and eager to better the community!

Requirements for earning a coaching stipend

*Must be logged in with your Tacoma Public Schools'  student account to access the materials and form submission listed below.

  1. Completed Coaching sign-up form.

After completing the form, you will receive an email with the next steps you must complete. Please understand that completing this form does NOT guarantee internship placement. ONLY WHEN you have received confirmation you've been approved and placed in an opportunity, the next steps will apply: 

  1. W9 - completed and uploaded here. *Must be completed before starting experience.

The following requirements will be due at the end of your experience in order to qualify for your credit and stipend:

  1. Everfi Financial Literacy Certificate - completed and uploaded here.
  2. Resume - current and uploaded here.
  3. Verified Work Hours - completed, signed, and uploaded here.
  4. Reflection - completed and uploaded here.

Apply to Intern*To receive credit and your stipend you must complete all of the requirements listed above. Understand that it is your responsibility to complete any necessary requirements and upload your documents appropriately. Failure to satisfy these requirements may impact your eligibility for this program. You will receive a confirmation email with your next steps after you submit the sign-up form. Please understand that completing this form does NOT guarantee placement as an intern.