Wall of Recognition

​Stadium High School has established a "Wall of Recognition" to honor those Stadium graduates and attendees who have exhibited outstanding achievements in their lives following their graduation from high school. In order to accomplish this purpose, we have established a process to honor those individuals.

The requirements for initial nomination is as follows:

  • Nominee must be a graduate from Stadium High School, or have received a majority of his/her high school education at Stadium High School;
  • At least ten (10) years have elapsed after leaving Stadium or graduating from high school.

The submitter shall provide a detailed account of the nominee's accomplishments during and after graduation/attendance at Stadium High School, which is included, but not limited to:

  • Cite college degrees and honors;
  • Describe his/her contribution to society in terms of talent, leadership, and/or development of new programs, equipment, methodologies, or human resource development;
  • Describe whether the nominee has authored papers, books, or other publications;
  • Describe how the nominee has been recognized on a local, regional, national, or international level for his/her accomplishments.

The nominee may be submitted for a lifetime accomplishment or a single honor or event. Also, the nomination may be submitted as subjectively determined by the person/group/organization so determines. In the initial nominating process, all applications/nominees will be considered.


​James S. Russell
Bertil Johnson
Albert Rosellini
Fred T. Haley
Dixy Lee Ray
Murry Morgan
Myron Calkins
Griselda “Babe” Lehrer
Jack Tanner
Harry Rinker
William W. Philip
W. Hunter Simpson
John “Big John” Anderson
Dale Chihuly
​Vincent George Kokich
Admiral Eric Thor Olson​
Brian Sonntag
Linda Federico Pearn
Angela Warnick Buchdahl
Carol Berry Milgard
Debbie Brewitt Regala
Charlotte Ann Plummer Medlock
David Joe Purchase
Dr. Martin G. Brazier, Sr.
Vice Admiral Gerald E. Miller
Domenick Federico
Lance Lambert
John T. John​​
Bill Baarsma
Lt. Colonel Edward L. Horne, Jr. 
Lt. Fred W. Richmond
Andy Stergachis
Jack M. Warnick
Chuck L. Richards
Regina Glenn
Herman Kleiner
Kenneth C. McGill
Geffrey Davis
Janis Paige
Gretchen Fraser