Associated Student Body

Advisor: Lisa Wren (contact)

Class of 2021: Jess Nelson (contact)

Class of 2022: Eme Masenheimer (contact)

Class of 2023: Noelle Land (contact)

Class of 2024: Blanca Norton (contact)


Take a look through the clubs we offer at Stadium. Please note that dates and times are subject to change. Check with the Club Advisor for more information.

Clubs at Stadium (PDF)

Gaming Club

Table top games. Meeting in remote setting

Meeting 2:30 PM through 3:45 PM

Questions? Contact Mr.  Baughman, Club Advisor.

Photo Club

Photo Club is a place for anyone with interest in film photography to learn and explore processing and printing in the darkroom. Participants must be Stadium students, but it is not necessary to be in a photo class to join...tell your photo-loving friends! Meeting in remote setting

1st & 3rd Thursdays starting November 5
Meeting 2:31 PM

Register for Photo Club

Questions? Contact Mr. Leffel, Club Advisor

Photo Club Flyer

Honor Society

Honor Society is for students who are committed to the values of scholarship, service, leadership and character. 

Meeting at 7:15 AM
Tutoring after school until 3:15 PM

Questions? Contact Mrs. Fullerton, Club Advisor

PawsNRead Book Club

PawsNRead Book Club is for students to connect with other readers and enjoy and share books.

2nd Tuesday of each month
Meeting 2:15 PM through roughly 3:00 PM

Questions? Contact Mrs. Fullerton, Club Advisor

Band Council

Band Council serves as the student leadership organization for the Stadium Band program.

Every other Friday
Meeting 2:15 PM through 3:00 PM

Questions? Contact Mr. Ehli, Club Advisor

Math Club

Math Club goals are to learn about mathematics, prepare for and participate in math contests, and possibly provide tutoring opportunities for students.

Meeting 2:25 PM through 3:00 PM

Questions? Contact Mr. S. McDougall, Club Advisor

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is a club that focuses on community and self-expression in a creative environment. Join us as we explore the writing world through fiction and poetry, like how the classic heroes and villains reflect our daily lives, and how a few lines of poetry can inspire an entire nation. Meeting in remote setting. 

We meet Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:10. 

Questions? Contact Mrs. Evans, Club Advisor.

Creative Writing Club

Indigenous Student Club

Questions? Contact Mrs. Junderson, Club Advisor.

Ski Club

Ski Club wants to create a fun experience and community for all ski and snowboarders on the mountain. We take three trips on Friday during the winter to The Summit at Snoqualmie.

Questions? Contact Mr. Nelson, Club Advisor.

ASL Club

ASL Club brings ASL students and non-ASL students together by communicating in sign language, learning about the Deaf culture, and providing support to the ASL community. We offer tutoring or short ASL lessons and play games during our club meeting time. We also run our board meetings and general meetings.  

Twice a Month
Meeting 2:35 PM through 3:35 PM

Questions? Contact Mr. Franklin, Club Advisor

French Culture Club

The French Culture Club is open to everyone who is interested in France, whether or not you speak French. We cook French food, sample French food, and talk about French food. Sometimes we play French games.

Every other Tuesday
Meeting times TBD

Questions? Contact Mrs. Evans, Club Advisor

Choir Club

Choir Club is a group of elected leaders within the choir classes who plan events and opportunities for students in the choir program. If you are interested in singing and want to get involved, please sign up with your counselor to take a choir class during the school day.

Fridays as needed
Meeting at 7:00 AM

Questions? Contact Mrs. Emmert, Club Advisor

Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl is the name for several interdisciplinary academic quiz bowl - like competitions across the United States and the world.  Knowledge Bowl usually involves teams of four to six students trying to answer questions in a written round and several oral rounds.  No team is eliminated in this event, and every team participates in every round. Knowledge Bowl is usually a power competition in which team groupings are rearranged after each round on the basis of their total points accumulated.

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Meeting 2:30 PM through 3:30 PM
If we have a match with other schools, meeting will be roughly 3:00 PM through 5:30 PM.

Questions? Contact Ms. Tugs, Club Advisor